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We are your source for fast, professional and affordable repair of broken or malfunctioning iPhone, iPad or iPod devices. Whereas Apple would simply nudge you into buying a new device, we have found the highest quality OEM replacement parts on the market and can have our technicians install them within a few hours.  From broken iPhone screens, to smaller hardware issues like home or power buttons we can fix almost all of these problems. We offer transparent, competitive pricing, free quotes and a solid warranty on all our parts. Don’t risk taking your iPhone 4, 5 or 6 to a shady cell phone repair shop you’ve never been to before, bring us your iPhone and let our friendly technicians repair it for you the same day.

iPhone Screen Repair – Done  In 60 Minutes

Getting your iPhone fixed should be easy, and we’ve done our best to make the whole process effortless. Bring your device into our Winnipeg store and we’ll provide you with a free diagnosis and in most cases can get your device fixed in 30-60 minutes. We have a big stock of replacement screens for all iPhone’s ranging from the original iPhone 4 all the way to the 6 Plus. Regardless of how you’ve broken it, we’re confident we can fix it, fix it fast and at a reasonable and competitive price point.

Due to the way the folks at Apple have created the iPhone, any malfunction in the front LCD digitizer means the entire display, including the glass will have to be replaced. So whether it is a small crack and your screen still works, or you’re looking at a totally smashed screen, you likely need the entire screen replaced. We can get that done for you and at a competitive price which won’t break the bank.

iPhone 4/5 Battery Replacement

If your device isn’t lasting the day and it has you frustrated, there is NO need to upgrade to a newer, more expensive and relatively unnessecary device. The lithium-ion battery Apple uses while isn’t meant to be replaced by the average user, can definitely be done by our experienced technicians. If all you’re needing is a new battery, and your screen or volume/power buttons are functioning correctly, give us a call or come on into our shop – we can definitely get it done while you grab a coffee next door.

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  • Full iPhone Screen Repair

  • Battery Replacement

  • Water Damage Issues

  • Home / Power / Volume Button

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